" I reach students that no one else can teach"

            A five minute explanation saves five hours of aggravation!!


  About Me

  My name is Benjamin Johnson, a professional math
  tutor and an expert in assessing and teaching 
  students who have experienced chronic failure and
  endless frustration with math. I have worked with
  students from all walks of life, ranging from 2nd
  grade through college and graduate school
  throughout the 30 years of my educational practice.
  I possess a teaching style that combines traditional
  educational tried and true methods of repetition
  and practice with teaching methods that can get
  the attention of a distractible adolescent.

 I specialize in teaching math to students

 * have trouble learning math
 * have ADD, ADHD, dyslexia and auditory 
   processing difficulties              
 * have had poor classroom instruction
 * have no clue as to what they are doing

  ASSESSMENT SERVICES are designed to:

  * help students recognize exactly what has been 
     holding them back
 * determine how a student learns and what  
    difficulties he or she may encounter
  * find out how much a student is willing to do to   
    achieve their academic goals
* * judge whether the assigned academic curriculum
    is suitable to the student's temperament
 * help students with A.D.D. and learning disabilities
   work with their strengths and weaknesses so that 
   they can compete academically  
* help clients determine their career options and life      path using the products from the Myers Briggs            Company

During the assessment, the student will learn what  he or she must know in order to get the work done as easily and efficiently as possible. In addition,  information is presented in a way that is best suited to the individual student. This in turn minimizes the student's frustration and maximizes his or her skills and self-confidence.

TUTORIAL SERVICES are designed to help motivate students who:

 * have fallen behind in their schoolwork
 * have a difficult time organizing their homework,
    remembering their assignments, doing their
    homework and completing long-term projects
 * have trouble concentrating and staying focused



 Is your child meeting the academic demands of
 their school?

 Does your child have the drive and the motivation
 to follow through with their schoolwork?

  If you answer "NO" to at least one of the above 
 questions ...then select the Contact Me button
 below to schedule your  FREE  assessment now!





 Benjamin P. Johnson

770-876-3564 (cell)
            770-436-5540 (business)


* Yale Graduate 

* Master's degree in Learning Disabilities & Test Assessment at Georgia State University

* Taught at The Westminster Schools in Atlanta, Georgia

* Specialized in Math Learning Disabilities for 30 years

* Is the director of an accredited one on one tutorial school accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission:

                                                                Student Assessment and Tutorial Services

                                       (Is listed as a member school under Non Traditional Educational Center)

Personal References Upon Request