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One-On-One Tutorial School
Benjamin P. Johnson

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We are a one-on-one private tutorial school, grades 5-12, that is accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission in the state of Georgia. Although we have operated as a tutorial service designed to tutor students on an individual basis since 1991, we were granted the status of an accredited school in 2007 and the status of an accredited school with quality in 2008.

Therefore, this non-traditional learning center is an ideal setting for students who not only want to be taught one-on-one in a tutorial setting but also can be given course credit for the work that they have completed. Most of the schoolwork can be done online or in an independent study format. However, at S.A.T.S. Inc., we first meet with each student to assess their academic competency in the subject matter.  Then we set up an individualized curriculum that meets the academic, psychological and emotional profile for the student. Throughout the course, the student will be tutored, assessed and tested to ensure that the student is competent and proficient in his/her work. The work given to one student in an Algebra 2 course will be different from the work given to a different student taking the same course, depending upon the academic goals, emotional desires and the future aspirations of each student.

Students who wish to move into the traditional public or private school setting will be tutored and taught the information in such a way that they will be able to do the work that is required of them in an easy and proficient manner. Students who come to S.A.T.S. Inc. for private tutoring do very well when they go back to their respective schools and take the tests that their teachers have given to them. Proficiency and competency are the two most important criteria that we demand of our students.

Students have to demonstrate that they know what they are doing. Our students don't fail. They merely have to repeat what they didn't master until they demonstrate their proficiency. Our job here is to reach them and teach them, because if they don't learn, then we don't earn. The growth of our business has come as a result of our ability to reach and teach our students, since most of our business is based upon referrals.

As a school, our primary emphasis is to prepare students who have difficulty in MATHEMATICS. Although we can assess, test, evaluate and confer credit for all courses taken here at S.A.T.S. Inc., we specialize in the teaching of MATHEMATICS. We see many students who have trouble with math because they have learning difficulties associated with math and other causes such as dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, and auditory processing, just to mention a few. Yet, most of the problems that students encounter with math stem from poor instruction and from teaching methods that just don't make sense. By the time they finish working with us, they know what they are doing.

In addition, we have a teacher training center for parents and teachers who want to teach and tutor their own children as well as other children who are in home school. We know that parents want their children to learn the math, but the parents don't always have the skills, the knowledge or the materials needed to get the information across to their children. As a result, we conduct seminars designed to teach parents and teachers how to teach and tutor math in grades 4-8, and in grades 9-12. We will even show you in the seminar how to set up your math program so that your children will have the competency and the skills to move ahead of their peers who are struggling in traditional public and private schools.

Once parents and teachers (who wish to teach their children at home) have taken the seminars, they will be able to work with their children more easily than before. However, if they want to get course credit for the work that their children have done with them, then they much enroll their children in S.A.T.S. Inc. The children will then be assessed and tested by S.A.T.S Inc. to ensure that they have learned the information that has been taught to them by a parent, a tutor or an outside instructor.