Why Your Children Don't do their Math Homework

The reason why students do not want to do their math homework or to spend time studying their math is that they really don't understand what they have been taught in class. Students are afraid to admit to their parents and to their teachers that they really don't have a clue as to what they are doing. Students tend to get impatient and frustrated with their teachers when their teachers are unable to provide clear explanations to problems given in class. Students also don't wish to appear "STUPID" in front of their peers during class; therefore, they do not raise their hands in class and say to the teacher that they don't understand what the teacher has just explained.

Since the students are so frustrated when it comes to doing their math homework, they don't see the value in investing any time into a subject that cannot yield positive results on a consistent basis. In many cases, they do not see the value in doing their math homework at all and simply are not interested in doing the work needed to maintain a satisfactory grade.

So, how am I able to help your son or daughter perform well in a subject like Math when they really don't care about it?

  • I explain the math to them patiently and slowly while detailing every step along the way

  • I make sure that they do all of their assigned math problems in front of me, because if they can't do the problems when I am sitting in front of them, they will not be able to do the problems when I am not there
  • I help them by shifting their levels of motivation to areas of their lives that will benefit them if they can get their work done

Once the students follow my directives and my instructions, they generally do very well.